Why do rainbows happen?
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5th Form

What makes waves break?Wondering whether to choose Physics in the 6th form? Click here for some thoughts on good reasons to study Physics at A level.

This is the home straight. Here we complete the IGCSE course and make sure you are up to speed with exam technique to help you get the best marks you can.

Click here to see the teaching plan for the whole year, and here for the whole specification, detailing everything you need to know for your exams in the summer.

You can download teaching materials, slides and other useful documents below:

5th form IGCSE Materials
Radioactivity slidesppt
Mock exam revision bookletdoc
Momentum slidesppt
Moments slidesppt
Electromagnetism slidesppt
Diffraction and Communications slidesppt
Practice exam questions from textbookpdf
Textbook chapter revision checklistspdf
Revision bookletdoc
Answers to textbook questionspdf

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