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Lower 6th

Note: this material relates to the old AQA specification, with last examinations for those Upper 6th students retaking only in Summer 2016. If youare currently in the Lower 6th, this page is not for you.

What is this?

In the Lower 6th we start the A level course. There are three units of study this year.

Unit 1 is entitled "Particles, quantum phenomena and electricity" and unit 2 is "Mechanics, materials and waves". Unit 3 covers investigative and practical skills. You can find the full specification here. The AS Physics course is assessed at the end of the year as shown in the table below:

Unit Style % final mark
1 1 1/4 hour written exam 40
2 1 1/4 hour written exam 40
3 Continual assessment + Investigative skills assignment 20

Useful documents to support these modules will appear below as we work our way through the course.

Unit 1 Unit 2
 Electricity slides  ppt   Waves and Optics slides ppt 
 Particle Physics slides  ppt   Materials slides ppt 
 Energy levels and Spectra summary word    Mechanics slides ppt 
 Photoelectric effect summary word    Forces and Energy slides ppt 

 Waves summary word 

     Practical skills leaflet    doc

Answers to exam-style questions from textbook
Chapter 1 pdf
Chapter 2 pdf
Chapter 3 pdf
Chapter 4 pdf
Chapter 5 pdf
Chapter 6 pdf
All Unit 1 pdf
Chapter 7 pdf
Chapter 8 pdf
Chapter 9 pdf
Chapter 10 pdf
Chapter 11 pdf
Chapter 12 pdf
Chapter 13 pdf
All Unit 2 pdf
Additional exam-style questions pdf
Answers to additional questions pdf

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